Finding teaching jobs near me...

How to find teaching jobs near you

It is a minefield out there when you search for 'teaching jobs near me'. There are lots of websites, called Job Boards such as Monster, TotalJobs, CV Library, Reed and so on. There are even more smaller independents like us (Mana Education) with their own teaching jobs advertised. If you are looking for teaching jobs near where you live, then there are a number of avenues you can take. Our first suggestion would be to choose a local supply teaching agency (just search Google for 'supply teaching agency near me') and see what vacancies they have on their website. If there are jobs in the area you are looking at, then give them a call - they may have new jobs they have not got around to advertising yet that they can talk to you about. We often get the 'heads up' on potential upcoming vacancies so we can start the collating interested teachers ready to send to the school when it becomes live.

A good agency will spend a lot of time getting to know you, your teaching style and personality. All schools and teachers are different and the poor agencies will just fling any CV at their schools and hope that one sticks. We don't; instead we made the possibly commercially un-savvy decision that we want our teachers to be happy. A happy teacher will care about their pupils attainment and will deliver more engaging lessons and are likely to stay at the school for a longer spell of their career. We have many teachers that were thinking of leaving the profession altogether, however after being placed in a school that is the right fit for them, they have fallen back in love with teaching.

You can do all the work yourself and search on the various search engines; Google have recently released their own job section which collates jobs from a lot of different sources to save you trawling through them all. Try it here.

In summary, lots of people look for 'teaching jobs near me', but in reality, it's not necessary true that the closest school is the right school for them.

If your commutable area is within Rutland, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire or Northamptonshire, then call us now on 0800 0 255 144 to discuss what makes you tick. I am sure we can do the same for you!

A happy teacher from Wigston, Leicestershire...

Hi there Kelly and Demetrious,

Hope you're both well!

I'd just like to say you've been fabulous to work for and I've really appreciated the jobs you've given me, so much so, it changed my mind about going back into a full time teaching role.  Thanks also for being so flexible, especially with my other part time job being so haphazard at times - you guys rock!

Have a super summer and thanks a million!

Mrs Shaw, Performing Arts / Drama Teacher, looking for Drama Teacher Opportunities in Leicestershire