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Transparent and Compliant Teacher Pay with Mana Education

Mana Education is committed to ensuring all of our teaching staff are paid to HMRC compliant standards.

Teacher's pay is dependent on experience and can differ with individual schools. We agree a standard pay rate during your registration process that will benefit you, but will also be at a level that will be affordable for schools when engaging you on assignments. 

At Mana Education we’re always looking for ways to make working with us as beneficial for you as possible. With this in mind, we’ve teamed up with Generate – one of the UK’s leading Umbrella companies specialising in the education sector.

Options for your pay...

Please note that your actual rate of pay will be agreed with your Consultant and may vary depending on the assignment or school looking for a staff member; the rate will be provided to you in advance of you accepting any position through Mana Education, giving you full control.

Our preferred payment method is via Generate Umbrella for which we provide a higher rate of pay (98% of our teachers choose Umbrella – correct at time of creating page). Your agreed daily pay rate includes an uplift for Umbrella to guarantee that you are no worse off than traditional PAYE. This covers the Generate fee which is capped and any ENI deductions. We do this to maintain a fair pay and charge policy; keeping our teachers happy whilst keeping costs down for schools. 

We also provide CPD courses and additional perks for teachers being paid through Generate umbrella.

Generate will explain how everything works and they’ll even give you an illustration of exactly how much you can expect to take home if you join.

Retired and still want to work?

If you have reached retirement and are planning on working either on a permanent or supply basis, then the following information will be of use.

You are legally entitled to continue to work, however this is likely to affect your pension. You have to inform Teacher Pensions to obtain a certificate of re-employment to notify them about the employment details. For further and detailed information please refer to the following link.


If you want to see how much you are able to earn whilst claiming your pension, please refer to the following calculator from Teacher Pensions.

Teacher Pensions Calculator