What makes us different? Ears... we use them!

Every school has its distinct environment and expectations from its teachers, just as every teacher possesses unique qualities. 

At Mana Education, we reject the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach. Through meaningful engagement with teachers, we match them with schools that align with their preferences, ensuring their satisfaction. A content teacher fosters student engagement and inspires academic achievement, which is paramount for us.

This commitment has cemented our exceptional relationships with schools and ensures a consistent supply of 'happy' teachers. Consequently, students are enthusiastic about learning and achieving their academic goals. 

As a member of the REC and holders of the REC Education audited award, we have an ongoing commitment to abide by the REC code of professional practice. More information can be found here: REC Code of Professional Practice. We are suppliers to the Crown Commercial Service for Supply Teachers and Temporary Staff (STaTS) contract RM6238. The teacher supply agency you can trust. 

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January 2021 Survey Results

Honest results and feedback from our most recent candidate survey.
Government abolish Swedish Derogation

Government abolish Swedish Derogation

We are pleased to announce that the Government have taken decisive action to protect teachers and other agency workers from Swedish Derogation (also known as guaranteed pay schemes or GPS). This loophole mean that some agencies could exploit teachers with low daily pay who would have otherwise been paid to scale. GET PAID YOUR WORTH AND DON'T BE FOOLED BY GUARANTEED PAY.

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