We are different because we listen…

Every school is different as they have their own individual environment and requirement from their teachers and every teacher is different with their own unique qualities. 

At Mana Education we do not believe in a one size fits all approach; by engaging with teachers we can fit them with the right school to ensure that they are happy teachers! A happy teacher will engage and inspire pupils to reach goals and higher attainment. Ultimately this is the driver that has secured our long term relationships with schools, a good supply of happy teachers and pupils who want to participate in learning.

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SAFERjobs Safer Jobs

SAFERjobs Safer Jobs

SAFERjobs is a Government initiative to provide a safer level of recruitment within the UK job sector. There are many stories about scams within the job finding sector and Mana Education are keen participants of the SAFERjobs initiative. Latest information and scams to be aware of can be found here:

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