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Looking for teaching jobs in Peterborough?


Why choose Mana Education as your teaching supply agency in Peterborough...

Type of teaching positions

We cover all aspects of teaching and support, so whether you are looking for a qualified teacher job, unqualified teacher job, an instructor position, a cover supervisor vacancy or teaching assistant and support jobs, then Mana Education can help you find the right work. We can help:

  • Qualified Teacher
  • Newly Qualified Teacher
  • SEN Specialist
  • Instructor
  • Cover Supervisor
  • Teaching Assistant TA
  • Unqualified Teachers

What vacancies do we offer?

Do not just rely on our teaching vacancy section; we have new positions coming in daily and if we do not have anything on our books, we will work hard with our local schools to find you the position that's right! 

We cover:

  • Part and full time teaching jobs
  • Day-to-day supply
  • Permanent positions
  • Long term and short term posts
  • Interim teaching positions
  • Sickness or maternity cover

What can we offer?

We believe we go beyond any other agency by putting our teachers and schools first. We pay fair and keep our rates for schools as low as we can. Being a lean business, keeps us on our toes; we therefore work extremely hard for both teachers and schools to get the BEST match possible. A happy teacher will engage pupils and deliver a higher standard of teaching. 

Keeping our teachers in Peterborough happy... 

When comparing agencies, there are many considerations that you need to take into account. It is wrong to assume that pay is the only concern when teachers are looking for teaching jobs in Peterborough. We often telephone teachers after seeing their contact details on a job site and many times are told by the teacher that they want to come out of teaching. This is the sad situation we find ourselves in and for the majority of these teachers it is completely unnecessary to have those feelings; they went into teaching because they once had a passion to teach but for some reason this has been knocked out of them. If a teacher is not given the support they need from the school or maybe just finding it difficult to handle the poor behaviour of the pupils in their school, this will give any teacher doubts about whether they want to stay in teaching at all.

We can reverse this by talking to you and listening to what you need to have a successful career in teaching. This takes time and we do not get it right first time every time, but armed with this information, we can match you to the school that is better suited to your traits and style of teaching. Be a Mana Teacher... a Happy Teacher!

Don't just take our word for it, see some of our testimonials that show just that.

Some of the things we use to make our Happy Teachers...

  • No ties - Unlike a lot of agencies, with us you have complete control of the schools you teach in. Just go to the schools you like working in. 
  • Competitive pay - We provide fair rates of pay for day to day and short term contracts, whilst we aim to pay to scale for long term positions either from day 1 or once you qualify for AWR.
  • No Guaranteed Pay schemes (GPS or guaranteed pay) here - We do not trap our teachers into a contract that forces teachers to only work for us... you should choose to do that through the service we offer. By signing up to a GPS contract, you will not be able to work for any other agency, work in the schools you want to work in, be sent anywhere within what they deem to be reasonable and forfeit your rights under AWR - this means that you could be earning half the salary that you could through Mana Education.
  • Dedicated consultants - We pride ourselves on hiring staff that understand teaching and are not highly driven 'sales animals'. We deliver a service that is genuinely tailored to teachers and schools. We only want to provide happy teachers! And don't worry, if that's not you, it could be... call us.
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) - IN an ever-changing and evolving industry, we understand the importance of CPD. Things are constantly improving or changing and so we help our teachers keep on top of it.
  • Recommend a Friend - Most teachers we have on our books now come from referrals. This is testimony to what we do and as a thank you for referring us to another teacher or teacher's assistant, we will give you £100 in any voucher from 
  • Tailored education job finding service - we listen to what you want and put your needs before our own.
  • Enjoy teaching - with exciting and vibrant teaching opportunities, a different challenge everyday, variety to allow you to work in many types of schools, flexible - work the hours and days to fit you, improved work-life balance - if you don't want planning and marking, we will not force you, and have the chance to explore more options.

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Education Jobs in Peterborough Schools, Academies and Private Schools

Mana Education have long established relationships with primary and secondary schools across Peterborough and surrounding towns and villages. We are perfectly suited to secure the right jobs in Peterborough primary schools, secondary teaching jobs in Peterborough or teaching jobs in Peterborough Private Schools. All our staff are professional, friendly and will treat all conversations confidentially.