The DBS Update Service

Don't forget to register your dbs on the government's update service.

It costs only £13 a year and here's how to register it online...

DBS update service

It is highly recommended that candidates’ register any new enhanced DBS certificate with the DBS Update Service. The benefits of this mean:

·          Applicants can keep their DBS certificates up to date and they may not need to have another DBS for the whole of their teaching career as long as the DBS remains the same.

·          Employers can check a DBS certificate has not had any changes since its issue, making it fully portable*

·          Subscription to DBS update service cost £13 a year; considerably less than a new DBS costs.


For more information, please see this link


* Candidates may be required to obtain a new certificate if

·          an employer asks you to get a new certificate

·          you need a certificate for a different type of ‘workforce’ (for example, you have an ‘adult workforce’ certificate and need a ‘child workforce’ certificate)

·          you need a different level certificate (for example, you have a standard DBS certificate and need an enhanced one)