2018 September Survey Results

September 2018 results

What our teachers say...

What our teachers say about us, says everything about us. So instead of publishing a blog stating how fantastic we are, we thought we would keep it simple and provide you with honest feedback from our latest survey. 

The survey was sent to each and every one of our registered Teachers, Instructors, Cover Supervisors and Teaching Assistants, and these are the results.

How would you rate the response time of your initial contact with Mana?


"I was delighted to be offered a position specific to my requirements within a week of registering, it was a fantastic role and it helped me to secure my next position.”

How would you rate the professionalism of your Mana Interviewer?

“Many thanks for the time you were able to spend with me on Tuesday September 12th. It was helpful and informative. I have attended two other agency appointments and wanted you to know that the interview and details that I received from you at Mana Education was far superior and more professional/helpful that the other agencies.” 

How would you rate the professionalism of your Mana Consultant?

“My consultant is wonderful, very supportive and a pleasure to talk too.” 

How would rate the speed of Mana clearing you for work?

“The people in administration offer a very prompt response rate, and my initial contact/interview was fantastic.” 

Overall, how satisfied are you with your Mana Experience?


 “I have found Mana to be an excellent agency and by far the most professional of the others I have heard of. Every member of staff that I have dealt with has been friendly and knowledgeable, I have no hesitation in recommending Mana.”

Would you recommend Mana to others?


“Great recruitment agency to work for!!! I definitely would recommend Mana without hesitation”

You said, so we did...

Despite glowing results, it’s absolutely vital that we listen to ALL of our teachers, and not just the majority.  We have looked closely at all of the feedback we received, and we are fortunate that teachers took the time out to include some excellent recommendations and great ideas to improve our service. 

Below is what our teachers asked for and what we have done to better their experience.

“I would like to be able to send my availability in via text each Friday”

“My first consultant that I had with you was excellent at keeping in touch, but sadly my second consultant was not so great at keeping in touch”

Ongoing staff training is our priority. As a growing business with new Consultants joining, we need to ensure that we give a consistent level of service. An area we have improved on is that we now have the resources in place to enable our teachers to text, e-mail or call us with their availability whenever suitable to them. 

“Would prefer an online availability system to the present weekly text messages”

We think this is a fantastic idea and as a result we are looking into this now, we are hopeful that we can implement an online availability system to our website within the near future.

“I am not happy being paid via an umbrella company”

We now offer all of our teachers the choice to be paid directly via PAYE or via our chosen Umbrella Company.

“I was placed on a three-week assignment by Mana. Didn’t get any feedback from this assignment, would have loved to have known how I got on”

We will always endeavor to provide our teachers with feedback, however we do rely on schools to provide us with feedback, but accept that due to the nature of supply and the way information is cascaded to us often means that we do not receive specific feedback from schools. 

At Mana Education we are passionate about what we do and we are constantly striving to improve, however we cannot improve without your feedback. Please take the time to help us improve and leave a review for us at: https://en-gb.facebook.com/manaeducation/