January 2021 Survey Results

January 2021 Survey Results                                                                                          

What our teachers say...

What our teachers say about us, says everything about us. So instead of publishing a blog stating how fantastic we are, we thought we would keep it simple and provide you with some honest feedback from our latest survey. 

The survey was sent to each and every one of our registered Teachers, Instructors, Cover Supervisors, and Teaching Assistants in December 2020. The below data shows as a percentage, how many of our members of staff gave us 4 or 5 stars out of 5 for the following services:  

How would you rate the response time of your initial contact with Mana?




"The Team are amazing, if I return to supply I would contact them."  

How would you rate the communication skills and professionalism of your consultant?



"Professional, efficient, friendly! No hesitation to recommend to a school or to a colleague"

How would you rate the communication skills and professionalism of your Mana interviewer?



"I have worked for mana on and off for a long time and have had 3 different contacts during this time. They have all been efficient, friendly and understanding and I have recommended mana to many friends." 

How would you rate the speed at which Mana cleared you for work?



"I had an excellent experience with Mana Education. The placements I worked at I felt very comfortable and really enjoyed them. The clearing process was very efficient and the speed rate was outstanding. I have referred a friend to Mana education and I have spoken about Mana Education to other friends too"

Out of 5, how satisfied are you with Mana Educations services?



"I just feel Mana actually work on our behalf of teachers as well as themselves, meaning they will get the enthusiasm and commitment from their workers which the students deserve."

"Excellent and fantastic service. My consultant is very professional and gives lots of work opportunities"

"I’ve worked with a few agencies, but Mana seem to genuinely care about their teachers - it never feels like it’s just a race to get you in the books" 

"Very pleased with Mana, outstanding in all areas! Proud to represent them in schools!"

"I’ve got nothing but praise and gratitude for MANA" 

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach other age groups.... It's a pleasure working for Mana" 

Of all those surveyed, over 90% of our staff said that they would recommend Mana Education to a friend.

If you are interested in learning more about Mana Education and the services that we may be able to offer, or if you would like to register for Supply Teaching opportunities with us, please provide us with your contact details here.