A letter from our Managing Director:

Furlough payments to supply teachers 

Please note in light of recent changes we have updated and amended our Furlough Payment Options for Mana Staff page. Further info on furlough can be found here

Further to the recent Government announcements and more recent clarity regarding the furlough scheme, we are communicating to all teachers our plans regarding the furlough scheme.

The Government are implementing their online portal hopefully at the end of April. This facility will allow us to enter details of Supply Teachers on our books whom we believe are eligible (see some of the eligibility criteria below). The Government will then release the furlough payment to us to distribute to the teachers entered. We anticipate this to be towards the end of May. Rest assured any of our teachers who qualify will receive furlough payments.

Things to note:

  • If you are employed through an Umbrella company, they will provide you with the furlough information directly. There is still some lobbying to increase the furlough payment to more than National Minimum Wage at present which is why a lot of them have not yet confirmed details.
  • The Government have not yet given their interpretation of what they mean by ‘it applies to employees on payroll on 19/03/20. It could mean that it applies to temp workers who didn’t work that week or month but worked the month before, or it may not include them. We just do not know at this stage. We are seeking clarity, however it could include supply teachers who didn’t work that week, but have worked in the tax year 2019/20 and have not issued their P45 before 16/04/20.
  • The payments will be based on 80% of your average weekly earnings in the financial tax year 2019/20. If you have not been on our payroll for the full 12 months, it will be pro-rata for the period you have.
  • Please note from the above point that at this moment in time, the Government have not made it clear that whilst receiving furlough payments, an Agency Worker on a Contract for Services (you) will continue to accrue holiday pay (usually paid out weekly with your pay). This is because you do not accrue holiday whilst not working and furlough payments are only made whilst not working. At this stage 12.08% will therefore be taken off gross pay for the calculations. This may change.
  • The payment will be a maximum of 4 times a month, ensuring the monthly cap of £2,500 will not be exceeded.
  • We will initially be processing workers in blocks of 4 weeks. This will mean that you will not be able to work for Mana Education during the 4 week furlough period – including any day to day work.

Week ending

     Gross       pay





































Total pay


Less holiday


80% of earnings


Here is an example of how the payment ‘currently’ could be worked out:

So in this example, the worker has earned £8,910 gross pay over the 44 week period (from their first week ending 05/05/2019 to 28/02/2020, assuming 28/02/20 is the date Government confirm to use). Taking off the holiday pay which is now not being accumulated (again, assuming the Government confirm this), leaves £7,950.39. Under the furlough agreement, employees can receive 80% up to a maximum of £2,500 from the Government. This brings the furlough amount to £6,360.31 over 44 weeks, which is a weekly furlough payment of £144.55 per week in this example.

We are now working through teachers who may be eligible, so please bear with us; payments will not be made until the Government clarify the queries and release their mechanism to distribute the furlough payments. As soon as we have specific information for you, we will be in touch with our furlough agreement and with payment information. We are expecting updates from Government in the next few days and their online system is due to go live at the end this month (April).

We acknowledge that some companies have already started to make payments, however I can assure you that as of now, the information is not clear to be able to make correct payments. We know that the majority of agencies and umbrellas are in the same situation and we can only apologise for the lack of information made available at this time. Our trade organisation, The REC along with Unions and other organisations are lobbying Government as I write this. We aim to keep you updated with the facts.