Furlough Payment Options for Mana Staff 

Please note: The information below was correct at the time of publishing. Since this article, all of our supply staff have been contacted regarding furlough and the below has been clarified.  Our most recent furlough information can be found here: 

As government policy regarding furloughing supply teachers and associated holiday pay is currently unclear, we have created two different options for our staff.  

We have a number of teachers who are understandably pressing for payment yet government policy is not clear at this time for agency workers. In summary the issue is that the government have advised that everyone on furlough should accumulate holiday pay at 100%. The government are only furloughing 80% and therefore there is a gap of 20% made up of holiday pay and Employer National Insurance. We believe that the government are very close to changing this to state that agency workers holiday will not accumulate whilst on furlough (as they wouldn’t accumulate holiday pay when not in work). We are therefore providing our teachers with two options, these are: 

OPTION 1 – ‘Furlough me now please, I need the money’

We are providing the opportunity for teachers to be furloughed now; however we will assume that government will say that holiday is not accumulated and 12.07% will be taken off. We are not certain at this point if we can go back to government and reclaim anything we have underclaimed. So, if the government say that agency workers do accumulate holiday pay, then we are not sure if we can go back and ask for the proportion of furlough we could have claimed. If this is the case, then you will lose that element of what you may have received if we claimed the higher furlough rate. We can and will however change the furlough payments after 31/05/20 on future claims should we need to. So, in summary 12.07(however we believe it is likely to be correct) and the payment will be fixed until the end of May. OPTION 1 is for anyone that cannot wait any longer, the payment will potential be lower by  

OPTION 2 – ‘I am happy to wait for clarity’

We will furlough you when clarity has been made by the government. Furlough will be backdated to your qualifying period and the payment will be correct to whatever the government decide. We believe this is imminent and may even change before we process the furlough payments next week. 

In the meantime all Mana staff will be contacting with more info regarding the above and we will begin asking staff to make a declension on which option they would prefer.