Furlough Payments for 2021 

                                      A statement from the director

We find ourselves in another school lockdown and supply teachers and support staff find themselves in the same position; no income. 

Agencies and Umbrella companies want to help when they can. Furlough has its costs to employers as they need to pay Employer National Insurance, Pensions, Apprenticeship Levy and payroll costs, with a total cost of up to 20% of the furlough payment depending on third party payroll costs. Multiply this by hundreds of teaching staff, the bill isn’t insignificant. So, with this in mind, Mana Education has communicated the issue with our governing body (REC), the NEU, NASUWT, Department for Education and the Crown Commercial Services. We are expecting a decision on whether the Government will exclude these costs for temporary workers, enabling all agencies to be in a position to furlough their agency staff. 

The decision has not yet been made or communicated and as soon as we get the news, we will update this page and our temporary workers. 

Rest assured we are doing everything we can to support workers but face financial constraints ourselves. Many agencies have furloughed their own staff to ensure they are able to operate when lockdown is lifted. 

An update should be imminent due to the urgency of the situation.