Frequently Asked Questions

When will Schools be open again? 

Schools are now open and operating as close to normal as possible.

Are you still recruiting teachers?

We sure are. We are looking for teachers, instructors, teaching assistants, cover supervisors and technicians. If you are looking for work for either now or in the near future please register your contact details with us here.

I am/was made unable to work because I have coronavirus/coronavirus symptoms - am I entitled to statutory sick pay (SSP)?

If you have or have had coronavirus/covid 19 or any symptoms requiring you to self isolate while working with us, please contact our head of payroll on 0800 0 255 144 to see if you are eligible for SSP.

I have lost work due to the school closures, can I receive any financial support?

Yes, you can but this is dependent on your current circumstances. If you are a Mana teacher who has been affected by a school closure please contact our payroll department, further information on pay can be seen on our Furloughed pay page.

How do I find out about Furloughed pay? 

Please visit our 'Furlough payments to supply teachers' page. 

I'm registered with and receiving furlough through another agency, can I register with Mana? 

Yes. You can register with any work finding agency even if you are receiving Furlough. This should not affect your relationship with other agencies/employers.  

Why were we waiting on holiday pay clarifications from the government before we offered furlough?

We have now received these clarifications and have been paying staff accordingly (please see the below question)

When working for an agency you accumulate holiday pay, which for most is paid out as you earn. If you do not work, you don’t accumulate holiday pay, but with a permanent member of staff, they do get holiday pay. The Government did not decide straight away whether an agency worker who is not working and therefore usually wouldn't receive holiday pay should be entitled to holiday pay included in their furlough pay. So, to put things into context, if we usually pay you £120 per day including holiday pay, we did not know if the government would have included the 12.07% holiday pay in the money they'd send to us. If they were not to include this holiday pay but agencies were to pay the holiday pay then agencies would have been at risk of losing a detrimental amount of money. 

Have you received clarification on holiday pay and if so what does that mean for us? 

According to, holiday pay does not accumulate for temporary workers, which in turn means that holiday pay can not be provided alongside furlough pay for supply teachers. Please visit: 

Are you paying staff furlough payments over the summer 2019/2020 holidays? 

Yes - please see:

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