What is Supply Teaching and what are it's benefits?

What is supply teaching and what are the benefits of supply teaching...

What is a Supply Teacher?

A supply teacher is a teacher that is placed in vacant teaching positions within schools when a permanent teacher is absent or temporarily unavailable. Often supply teachers will either work on a daily basis or on a contractual basis. Those who work on a daily basis are often offered work at short notice; sometimes they’re offered work in the morning for the day ahead or a couple of days in advance. Teachers working on a day-to-day basis are never expected to plan their own work and they very rarely have to mark their pupils work either! Those who are looking for contractual work are usually offered, termly, 6 month, year-long, ongoing or temporary to permanent contracts – these supply teachers are expected to fulfill the same responsibilities as the permanent members of the teaching staff at a school, including lesson planning and marking. Supply teachers never have to accept the work that they are offered unless they have entered a Guaranteed Pay Scheme (also known as Swedish Derogation).

What are the Benefits of becoming a Supply Teacher?

Mana Educations supply teachers can chose the days of the weeks they work, the distance they travel to work, the types of contract they wish to be put forwards for, including part-time and full-time, as well as the schools they would like to work in and the schools that they would like to avoid! Mana Education’s teachers are paid to scale at least from week 13 if not from day 1, which means that those working in Supply will earn no less than a teacher employed on a permanent basis. 

As Mana Supply Teachers have the benefit of being entirely selective over the type of work that we look for on their behalf, Mana Supply Teachers can boast having flexibility and control over what they do, and more importantly a healthy work-life balance. Mana Teachers are only ever offered work to consider, there is no obligation on them to accept any supply work offered, which means that Mana teachers can only take on work that they are excited by! Furthermore, unless the contract is a permanent one, supply teachers do not have to see out the contract offered, if they are not happy they can leave! This gives supply teachers even more flexibility and reinstates their control over what they do.

Those supply teachers who tend to work on a daily or short-term basis are blessed with the additional benefit of getting to work in a variety of local schools. Often, the schools that our teachers go to on a daily or short-term basis are predominantly the schools which use us for long term and permanent roles, meaning that most supply teachers will already have a great understanding of the school before deciding whether or not they wish to move forwards with any potential roles – something which can only help you find the perfect school!

Mana Education works with a wealth of Schools directly and regularly across Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Rutland, and due to our popular reputation, year on year business growth and constant influx of vacancies we are always looking to recruit supply teachers to deal with our demand. Whatever your situation may be, please call us on 01572821985 and we will work hard to find you the perfect teaching position tailored to you and your needs. 

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