NQTs (Newly Qualified Teachers)

How induction works

The induction period is designed to ensure all newly qualified Teachers are supported in their first year of teaching after gaining qualified Teacher status (QTS). It combines a personalised programme of development, support and professional dialogue, with monitoring and an assessment of performance against the core standards.

Induction lasts for the equivalent of three school terms. Your progress will not affect your QTS, but you must successfully complete induction within 5 years of qualifying to continue teaching in a maintained school or non-maintained special school in England. 

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Your Induction Programme

An induction programme should help you develop the knowledge and skills gained during initial Teacher training and provide a foundation for continuing professional development. You should expect to play an active part in planning and reviewing your induction programme.

Your induction programme will help you to meet the core standards and become an effective Teacher. It should be tailored to meet your individual needs and circumstances. You should be given a reduced timetable (in addition to planning, preparation and assessment time) with significant opportunities to:

  • show your potential
  • advance towards excellence in teaching
  • make a real impact on school and pupil development